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Technology is the key differentiator that allows a business to not only thrive, but thrive continuously and consistently without any fail point. Key technology is embraced to enhance business productivity, to facilitate business growth, and to drive business efficiency and bottom line results. ServerWare™ WerX brings to you the best of industry solution for server computing that is based on best industry practices and validated to the full compliancy of usability. Our SG Server Computing, provides the full user-centric server platforms that suits your need whilst giving the full confidence of support and service.
With DCO you will find the best cost effectiveness of server products that helps you save and yet knowing your server is well protected to work.

WerX® Converge Computing


An Enterprise Cloud Architecture

ServerWare® WerX® takes a structured approach of managing the compliance of sustainable technology and to which considers the key to data center environment.To reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency.

stoBIG™ Storage Nextstep


Scalable Data Storage Infrastructure

As organizations continues to store more and more data,valuable source of information requires scalable resources on demand. stoBIG™ provides the high-performance computing needed to manage vast amounts of data efficiently and cost effectively.

DCO™ Compute Platform


Data Center Optimized Performance

Cloud computing is becoming a reality for many businesses, with private cloud deployments often leading the way.

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