Serverware® 3GEN Unified Storage Solution

ServerWare® 3GEN Unified Solution epitomizes high-performance storage consolidation and optimal availability. This cutting-edge system assures seamless operations and unparalleled dependability, enabling you to effortlessly tackle the diverse requirements of your business applications with confidence.

One Unified Storage.
The Power of Next Generation Technology

Experience next-gen storage with ServerWare® 3GEN Unified Storage! This solution supports both block and file services concurrently, perfect for primary and secondary storage needs. Embrace the future today!

Storage Flexibility. A Unified Storage Platform supporting concurrent block and file services. 

Supporting major operating systems including Windows, UNIX, Linux, MacOS, and VMware, the ServerWare® – 3GEN SAN System supports a wide range of protocols such as iSCSI, CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP, SMB, AD, LDAP, NIS, HDFS, and S3/Openstack, making it versatile and adaptable to your environment.

The built-in 2x 10GbE SFP+ ports per controller ensure lightning-fast data transfers, while up to 512GB ECC memory per controller guarantees optimal performance.

Key Highlights

Storage Consolidation that can simultaneously meet your diverse needs – SAN and NAS, primary and secondary storage.
A unified storage platform supporting simultaneous block and file services for business and technical applications.

SW-3Gen Local and Network RAID with the most powerful RAID engine.
INTEL XEON Scalable CPUs with speedy DPP RAID rebuild more than 5TB per hour.

Upgradeable to 24 – latest FC and high speed Ethernet ports.
Standard with 4 independent Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Performance for the most demanding applications.
Oustanding file-based and transaction based performance with high bandwidth, 64-bit architecture, and the lastest I/O technologies.

Value-added applications available for cloud computing, productivity and data availability.
Dynamic thin provisioning, block level data de-duplication, real-time Volume based encryption, WORM (Write Once Read Many), performance enhancing SSD and N+1 clustering to protect sensitive and mission critical data.

Storage Gateway option supports up to 1000 storage nodes.
Buy what you need today and grow when you need it in the future.

Multi-node support for maximum performance and failover protection.
Unlimited scalability on computing power and storage capacity.

Speedy Natural Disaster Recovery via Global Clustering and Remote Volume Mirroring.
Mirror critical data to local and remote locations via FC and iSCSI.

3GEN Unified Storage All in One.

  • Serverware® 3GEN support NAS / iSCSI / SAN
  • Serverware® 3GEN support Block-Based and File Level
  • Can use SSD / SAS / SATA HDD driver

3GEN Storage Gateway

  • Serverware® 3GENStorage Gateway provides centralized storage management with support of all storage hardware and data access protocol
  • Supports all traditional storage and provides online storage expansion and subtraction Unlimited scalability

3GEN High Availability vs. Dual Controller 

ServerWare® 3GEN HA(active-to-active)

  • Clustering for hardware Failure
  • 2 or more controllers
  • 2 or more copies of data

Dual Controller

  • Clustering for hardware failure protection
  • Only 1 copy of data Hard Disk failure is 3X higher than controller failure

ServerWare® 3GEN Architecture & Features

Unified Storage High Availability Solution Performance Caching

All Storage in One!



Storage Gateway

Fault Tolerance Solution

Active Active Clustering

Synchronous & Asynchronous Mirroring

Scale out to 256 Nodes

Best of Breed Performance!

Proprietary Caching Algorithm

SSD and Mirroring Cache

All Flash Storage


Storage Virtualization Remote Data Replication Snapshot and Clone

Power of Virtualization

Support heterogeneous Storage

Network RAID 0 , 1 , 5 , 6

Gateway Pass-through Support

File and Block based Mirroring

File based data replication

Block based replication via synchronous and asynchronous mode

Data Protection

Point-in-time data recovery

Extra copies for DR

Emergency data retrieval

Dynamic Thin Provisioning Data De-duplication Other Solutions

Just in time data space management

Dynamic allocation – use it when you need it

No garbage scheduling

Optimize space usage

Block based Inline de-duplication

File based post processing de-duplication

Commercial Strength



AES 256 Encryption



Multi-node Storage & Distributed Storage

3GEN Two Nodes Architecture

  1. Clustering to protect hardware failure and Synchronous Data Mirroring to protect data loss
  2. Support Active-to-Active clustering for auto failure with zero down time.
  3. Maximum 256 Notes Flexible scalability, start with 1 node and then add additional node with auto data synchronization

3GEN Multi-node Architecture
Using Independent Nodes

ServerWare® 3GEN Two Nodes vs Multi-nodes Clustering

  Two nodes Cluster Multi-nodes Cluster
3genOS Meta Data Data Mirroring Distributed File System
Data Protection Data Mirroring Distributed Block
Failover Protection 1 1 or more
Architecture Node based only Node or Gateway based
Availability High Availability with 1 node limitation Fault Tolerance (no. of nodes depends on your application needs
Hardware Configuration Simple Complex – minimum 2 network swtiches to eliminate single point of failure

ServerWare® 3Gen 4PB Multi-Node Unified Storage Scenario

ServerWare® 3GEN SU2E2 Specifications

System Configuration
Processor & OS INTEL XEON Scalable & SW-3GenOS 64-bit
Memory 128GB ECC DDR4 memory
Power Supply Unit 800W 80PLUS Platinum Redundant PSU
Chassis Form Factor 2U
Hotswappable Drive Bays 12-bay
Support 3.5″ & 2.5″ SAS, NL-SAS, SED HDDs
Support 2.5″ SAS/SATA SSD
Host Connectivity
10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports Built-in 4x 1GbE Intel Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports
Latest 10G iSCSI & 16Gb FC <Depending on user’s selection>
NIC Teaming with LACP Yes
Load Balancing Yes
Ethernet Failover Yes
Interoperability Windows, UNIX, Linux, MacOS, VMware
Interface Support iSCSI, CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP, SMB, AD, LDAP, NIS, HDFS, and S3/Openstack
Data Protection and Reliability
Hot Swap HDD True Hot Swap
RAID Local & Network RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
Volume Expansion/Contraction Yes
SnapBack/SnapQuick Yes
Volume Cloning Yes
UPS and Environment support Yes
Storage Gateway Optional (up to 1000 storage nodes & HA up to 5 nodes failure)
File-based Data De-Duplication Optional
Block based Data De-Duplication Optional
Dynamic Thin Provisioning Optional
Data Mirroring Optional
Redundant OS Optional
Performance SSD Caching Optional
Active/Active Clustering Optional
FileLock (WORM NAS) Optional
Real Time Volume Encryption Optional
Remote Management Yes, via intuitive Web UI, secured web (HTTPS)
Active Directory Services Yes
Network Discovery Tool Yes

High Value with unbeatable ROI

Today’s business environment demands innovation and increasing flawless execution in all environments including virtualized computing. With SW-3Gen SU2E2 series Unified Storage system, you have an ultimate all-in-one storage for handling block based storage, file serving, server consolidation, backup and restoration strategies, replication solutions, regulatory compliance data retention and the integration of NAS and SAN investments. Packed with enterprise features and protected with a 3 year warranty, SW-3Gen SU2E2 series delivers unsurpassed value with a price that is lower than all other storage solutions on the market.

Packed with enterprise features and protected with a 3 year warranty, SW-3Gen SU2E2 series delivers unsurpassed value with a price that is lower than all other storage solutions on the market.

High Availability and Advanced Data Protection

All systems include hot swap technology and block level volume cloning software for maximum data protection. By connecting with another SU2E2 remotely via Gigabit Ethernet ports, backup and restore can be accomplished via our automated file based asynchronous remote mirroring and synchronous/asynchronous block based volume mirroring.

SU2E2 incorporates SnapBack technology to reduce backup time to minutes; SnapQuick to enable recovery of point-in-time data in minutes. Furthermore, a full suite of optional enterprise software such as Global multi-node clustering (active-active and active-passive), WORM, real time volume encryption, dynamic thin provisiong and block based data de-duplication with projected 70% capacity saving.

High Usability

SW-3Gen SU2E2 series can be installed in just 15 minutes with plug-and-play network connectivity and intuitive installation tools, The web based management software allows users to manage their storage systems via web browsers from any place in the world. Thin provisioning helps you to eliminate stranded storage.

Preserving investment in staff expertise and capital equipment is easy because SW-3Gen SU2E2 series are based on industrial 3GenOS operating system and management tools. While SW- 3Gen’s products are always on the cutting-edge, our customers can rest assured that easy-to-use stays on top of SW-3Gen’s design philosophy. SW-3Gen is committed to bringing advanced Information Life Cycle Management features to all enterprises.

Storage Sharing and Access Control

With versatile SW-3Gen SU2E2 series systems, you can use high performance NVMe, SAS or large capacity SATA disk drives for optimal performance-cost ratio. On the same system, you can seamlessly consolidate block and file storage. SW-3Gen SU2E2 series makes this possible by providing native support of the iSCSI, FC, NFS and CIFS storage protocols.