Don’t say it! You saw this 5-node switchless configuration in Malaysia first

When Microsoft came out with this HCI solution a few years ago, no one especially competitors expected it to take off so quickly worldwide with more than 25,000 deployments in just over 3 years. Everything competition cannot do, it’s able to do them cheaper and better. From a minimum of 2-nodes for edge/remote office deployment and now even 4 or maybe 5-nodes switchless to native support for Intel Optane Persistent Memory and Optane NVMe as cache. We go up to 16-nodes in a cluster but do not stop there. There is even built-in data deduplication and compression.

The capabilities do not stop here and even have built-in Azure Cloud integration and so forth etc.
Join us for this highly interactive demo focused session and we assure you that you will be excited and blessed. Bring all your questions and doubts with you.

Why use a hyperconverged solution made for Azure

Consolidate traditional virtual apps that must remain on-premises on industry-standard x86 servers with software-defined compute, storage, and networking.
Achieve industry-leading virtual machine performance with Hyper-V and Storage Spaces Direct technology with built-in support for non-volatile memory express (NVMe), persistent memory, and remote direct memory access (RDMA) networking.*
Achieve high availability with built-in clustering and distributed software resiliency.
Help keep apps and data secure with shielded virtual machines, network micro-segmentation, and native encryption for data at rest and in transit.
Manage with your choice of command-line automation or use Windows Admin Center.


With a validated 4-node switchless design announced during the Microsoft Ignite event back in Nov last year, the HCI solution marketplace has been buzzing with excitement and awe. No other HCI solution can match this. So, we decided to better this and put together a 5-node switchless configuration.

Join us for this event to witness with your own eyes this amazing setup and learn more about the best value and fastest HCI solution in the world.

Meet The Speaker, Mr. Noel Teng

  • Ex-MS Malaysia for 15 years, independent Technology Specialist & Consultant @ myIAN Sdn Bhd
  • Supporting MS Regional in Singapore for Windows Server and Hyper-V partner readiness since 2014
  • Supported MS Malaysia launch for Windows Server 2016 (27th Oct 2016)
  • An active community contributor and evangelist for Windows Server, Hyper-V, System Center and Cloud
  • Join me online in Facebook at
  • Other social media at WhatsApp on +60122820130
Register Now
ServerWare® Sdn Bhd (662268A)

WORQ UOA Business Park
2pm-6pm, Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Unit 2-1, The Podium, Tower 3, UOA Business Park
No. 1, Jalan Pengaturcara U1/51A, Section U1, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

“HCI from beyond this World” with Windows Server 2020

Microsoft HCI is now known as Azure Stack HCI. It is Microsoft Cloud technology brought to your on-premise environment. As it leverage Intel Optane Persistent Memory as cache, it is able to do more than 13 million iops in a 12 nodes configuration like an amazing F1 racing car but at a fraction of cost of other HCI solutions. Apart from this, the 2-nodes configuration can handle multiple device failures ensuring the best in class reliability for edge or ROBO offerings.

If you want to learn about the most exciting HCI solution in the market from Microsoft, join us for this half day session. I promise you that it would be the most exciting HCI seminat ever.

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