September 7, 2015

ServerWare SG2NV cache acceleration Server

Accelerate Applications, Servers, and Virtual Machines

Today’s multicore, multi-CPU servers are being held back by storage I/O that cannot keep up with the ever increasing demand, preventing
systems from reaching their full performance potential. Traditional solutions, such as increasing storage, servers, or memory, add huge
expense, as well as management complexity.

ServerWare SG2NV 2U Cache Accelerated Server

Enter ServerWare® SG2NV Cache Accelerated Server

ServerWare® SG2NV CAS Server, combined with high performance Solid-State Drives (SSDs)and NVMe, increases application performance via intelligent caching rather than extreme spending. ServerWare® SG2NV CAS Server unique Selective Optimized Caching allows administrators to target high performance directly to the applications and data that really need it—precisely those applications that add the most value to the company

ServerWare® SG2NV CAS Server interoperates with server memory to create a multilevel cache that optimizes the use of system memory and automatically determines the best cache level for active data, allowing applications to perform even faster than running fully on flash/SSDs.ServerWare® SG2NV CAS Server is installed into the operating system, providing a cache solution that is transparent to users and applications, as well as backend storage.

ServerWare® SG2NV CAS Server Advantages

• Transparently accelerate applications
• Deliver application-specific performance via Selective Optimized Caching
• Provide SSD-like performance without migration cost
• Reduce storage latency
• Increase VM density

Intelligent Caching

On initial access, data is retrieved from backend storage and copied to the ServerWare® SG2NV CAS Server cache. Further access may promote data to system memory. Subsequent reads are returned at high-performance RAM or flash memory speed. All data is written concurrently (write-through) or sequentially (write-back) to backend storage and the cache.

When the cache is full, newly identified active data evicts stale data from the cache, utilizing the Intel CAS proprietary heuristics-based eviction algorithm. ServerWare® SG2NV CAS Server runs in the Windows* or Linux* kernel for maximum performance, supporting both dedicated servers and running in a VM under VMware*, Hyper-V*, KVM*, or Citrix XenServer*, including support for VMware vMotion* and Hyper-V Live Migration*.

Accelerate Applications, Servers, and Virtual Machines

Application Acceleration ServerWare® SG2NV CAS Server operates at the OS level, transparently accelerating applications with no application or storage configuration required.
Cross-Platform Accelerates Windows* and Linux* servers and virtual machines (VMs), including VMWare vMotion* or Hyper-V Live Migration*.
Selective Optimized Caching Accelerates data at a granular level based on applications, filenames (pattern match), directory/ path, file type (extension), and more.
Storage Optimization Offloads performance from backend storage, allowing spindles to be utilized for capacity rather than over provisioning for performance.
Storage Agnostic Works with any backend storage, including disk array, SAN, NAS, or direct attached storage. Supports any PCIe, NVMe, SAS, or SATA SSD supported by the OS platform or remotely accessible.
Data Integrity In read with write-through mode, version consistency is maintained between Intel CAS cache and backend storage, preserving data integrity.
Description Specifications
Operating Systems 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server* 2003, 2008 R2, 2012 R2
64-bit RHEL* 5/6, and SLES* 11 Linux., CentOS 6.5
Virtual Platforms VMware*, Hyper-V*, Citrix XenServer*, and KVM*, including full support for live migration while
maintaining a “hot cache.”
Storage Requirements Integrated direct attached storage and Any backend storage device, including NAS, SAN, NVMe, local disk, RAID, iSCSI, or Fibre Channel
Flash/SSD Requirements Integrated with 2 x 1000GB NVMe 2.5″ SSD and Supports any PCIe, NVMe, SAS, or SATA SSD supported by the OS platform or remotely accessible. Only Validated with Intel® SSD Data Center Family
Management Graphical user interface to manage cache policies, acceleration, and overall cache operation.
processor Intel® Xeon® E5-2690V3 x 1 unit/ Supports up to 2
Memory ECC DDR4 128GB 2133Mhz , Up to Max 1.5TB
Storage RAID Support 12Gb LSI HW ROC RAID Controller, NVMe Ports x 2
Network Intel X540 10GBe 10GBaseT x 2
DAS Storage 12 x SAS/SATA + 2 x 2.5″ OS

The ServerWare SG2NV Cache Accelerated Server is powered by Intel CAS.
For LAB Report on the performance of caching with Intel CAS –>> ESG-LAB report
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ServerWare® is SuperMicro® Distributor in Malaysia


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