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Breach, Incident, or Spill: Your Compliance Requirements

TJ Technology Sdn Bhd

About Mr. TJ Varghese
TJ Varghese Jr. is the owner  of TJ Technology Services, a boutique tech firm focusing on IT security solutions including custom security appliances. Key products include NextGen Firewalls such as the TJTech PFWall (IDS/IPS/Content Filter/Web Accelerator/L7 Analyzer/Web Load Balancer/WAN Load Balancer/HTTP AV), as well as the TJTech WebWALL line of web application Firewalls. TJTech also produce OEM derivatives for other clients.
Computing history – Oldest was an Abacus from HCL (Wordstar/Fortran)(1980), fond memories of Apple ][e (CP/M/AppleDOS 1982), IBM PC XT/AT/386/486, Atari ST (GEMDOS 1990), Pentium 133. Started building own boxes after that, including an assortment of Dual Pentium Pro (NT4.0 1997), AMD K8 (Redhat4 1997), Celeron 300/450 (Win98), variety of P3 & P4 boxen, Xeon, Itanium to present day x64 Hexa core Xeons and embedded systems. OS – DOS (MS/DR), GEM, MacOS, VMS, Windows (3.1 onwards), GPL/Linux (various distributions since ’96), BSD (since 1999).
Skills – Vulnerability testing, web/network security, DR, purpose-built server design (email, storage, backup), High Availability clusters (storage, VM, DB)
Current peeves – IoT folks, CAs and SSL. Security is not easy, however it is not optional.
About TJ Technology
Specialize in Security products & services. Core products include WebWALL Web Application Firewalls, PFWall Office/Enterprise/Data UTM Security Gateway, custom L7 monitoring appliances, Server Load Balancers and ZFS-based Storage Servers. Services include Managed Services, Office IT maintenance, Server Co-location, Penetration Testing.