Mr. WOng Kok Leong


Sales Director
Rhipe Malaysia

About Mr. Ong Kok Leong
Kok-Leong ONG is a highly appreciated speaker and leader in the ongoing transformation of business models with the help of IT. He regular helps companies and organization to realize the full potential of the Cloud and help service providers thrive in the emerging Cloud economy as well as educating value added resellers and system integrators within the IT sector to capture their future recurring revenue streams. A veteran in Enterprise IT industry, he has hold key roles with various MNCs in the past 25 years. With his wide background, Mr. Ong is able to draw upon his experiences to provide an out-of-the box holistic view of the latest trends in IT especially on Cloud.
About Rhipe
Founded in 2003 as NewLease the business has grown to become the leading cloud software licensing expert in the Asia-Pacific region. From the outset we have specialised in supporting the service provider community in their adoption of the Cloud.  This was focused on subscription software licensing models from international vendors.  As the cloud has gained traction across the industry we have extended our offerings to include additional subscription licensing programs as well as more traditional programs that have become more “Cloud friendly” e.g. Microsoft Dynamics and other Microsoft volume license programs (LSP/LAR). A unique player in the field of software distribution, we are focused on enabling and accelerating adoption of the Cloud. This creates a powerful combination of company culture and core competencies, without conflicts from existing revenue models or direct to end customer service offerings.