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Supermicro® Hyperconverge Appliance with IBM® Spectrum Accelerate™

The Supermicro Hyperconverged appliance is the only hyperconverged solution in the market today powered by IBM Spectrum Accelerate. Based on proven IBM XIV® technology and the Supermicro industry leading Super Storage Server, the Supermicro Hyperconverged appliance with IBM Spectrum Accelerate delivers combined compute, storage and networking with predictable, consistent block storage performance, management and a rich feature set that includes remote mirroring and granular multi-tenancy.The appliance has been jointly designed by IBM and Supermicro and is delivered as a pre-configured, pre-loaded and pre-tested solution that is ready to be integrated into your network and customized for your enterprise class workloads in minutes providing customers an on-premises hyperconverged solution that integrates with IBM XIV and Spectrum Accelerate on open industry leading Supermicro infrastructure.


IBM Spectrum Accelerate
Hyperconverge Appliance


Key Benefits
  • Fast, low risk deployment with hardware and software integrated and tested by Supermicro
  • Hardware, firmware, VMware® ESXi™ and IBM Spectrum Accelerate stack configured and tested
  • Complete appliance stress tested
  • All hardware and cables labelled
Serverware® is Supermicro distributor, Server, Storages, Hyperconverge
Spectrum Accelerate
Capacity & performance scales linearly
Manage up to 68PBs with one administrator
Self rebalanced for hot-spots and expansion
Zero tuning or pre-planning
Rebuild 6TB Drive in less than an hour


Configuration Small Medium Large
Node 6x 2U 12x 3.5″ SSG 9x 2U 12x 3.5″ SSG 15x 2U 12x 3.5″ SSG
Processor/Node Single Intel® Xeon® E5-2620v3
Memory/Node 4x 16GB DDR4 ECC Reg
SSD/Node 1x 600GB Intel DC S3500
Total Data Drive 72 SAS3 108 SAS3 180 SAS3
Total Effective Capacity 114TB (4TB NL SAS) 186TB (4TB NL SAS) 330TB (4TB NL SAS)
Disk Controller LSI® 3008 SAS3
10G Interface 4x 10G SFP+
GbE Switch 1x SSE-G2252P
10G Switch 2x SSE-X3348SR 2x SSE-X3348SR 2x SSE-X3348SR
Server Management Supermicro Server Manager (SSM)
Service and Support Standard Business Hours, Next Business Day (9am to 5pm) Response
Building Blocks
Building Blocks
Serverware® is Supermicro distributor, Server, Storages, Hyperconverge Redundant High Speed Fabric
• Supermicro 24/48 port 10Gb Ethernet (SFP+) Switch:
SSE-X24S / SSE-X3348S(R)

Hyperconverged Superstorage Node(s)
IBM Spectrum Accelerate™
Serverware® is Supermicro distributor, Server, Storages, Hyperconverge
IBM Spectrum Accelerate
• Enterprise-class Software Defined Storage (SDS)
based on proven IBM XIV enterprise storageSuperstorage Server
• 2U Dual Xeon Processor
• 12x 3.5″ Hotswap SAS/SATA3
• Optional Hardware RAID
SSG-6028R-E1CR12H / SSG-6028R-E1CR12L

Out of Band Management
Serverware® is Supermicro distributor, Server, Storages, Hyperconverge Management Network
• 24 Port 1Gb
SSE-G24-TG4Supermicro Server Manager
• Remote Mgmt & Media
• IPMI and Redfish Support
• Monitor server health and power
Learn MoreManagement Server
• 1U Single Single Socket

Support Services
Serverware® is Supermicro distributor, Server, Storages, Hyperconverge • 4-Hour and Next Business Day Onsite Response
• Flexible and customizable service level agreements (SLA)
• Live, domestic call center response
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Other configurations available with between 3-15 nodes per instance; 1, 2, 3 or 6TB NL SAS drives; 600+GB 10K SAS drives; more and/or different processors; 800GB SSD; more RAM
* Any configuration supported by Spectrum Accelerate and VMware ESXi 5.5 is available
Current appliance installed with Spectrum Accelerate 11.5.0d which supports 1,2,3 or 4TB NL SAS drives
Later releases of Spectrum Accelerate available on demand
Other hypervisor options, releases, versions will be added when IBM Spectrum Accelerate supports. Hyperconverge Hyperconverge Hyperconverge Hyperconverge Hyperconverge Hyperconverge