SuperO, ServerDNA Extreme Gaming.

Soft Launch Of ServerWare’s ServerDNA Extreme Gaming Experience.

25th May 2017
SS18, Subang Jaya

Extreme Hardware for Unhinged Gaming

Discover New Experience with ServerWare’s ServerDNA Range. Play hard. Share. Stream. Encode. Get hi-res with no lag. Megatask seamlessly. PC gaming is better than ever, and the future looks even more exciting with ServerWare, Server DNA Extreme Gaming.

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  • Lunch Is Provided for Participants

Get Your Game On

The ServerWare® ServerDNA Extreme Gaming Experience
Soft Launch in Malaysia
25th May 2017

Experience ServerWare’s ServerDNA Gaming Experience with SuperO Arrival In Malaysia. Witness the announcement of TBun Cyber Cafe Chain RM 6M CC Upgrade to ServerWare ServerDNA Extreme Gaming Products with 900 Systems

SuperO, Server DNAExtreme Gaming.
SuperO, Server DNA Extreme Gaming.
SuperO, Server DNA Extreme Gaming.


Power up your Game with Seagate

See and Experience
Complete Showcase By Eco Partners & Case Modders

One Stop Place to see and feel. InWin Gaming Chassis and Power Supply, Seagate High Performance SSHD HDD, Kingston Extreme Memories, Intel Optane -The Revolutionary Breakthrough in Performance.
You might just get one home for free 🙂

SuperO, ServerDNA Extreme Gaming.
SuperO, ServerDNA Extreme Gaming.
SuperO, ServerDNA Extreme Gaming.
SuperO, ServerDNA Extreme Gaming.
SuperO, ServerDNA Extreme Gaming.
SuperO, ServerDNA Extreme Gaming.
SuperO, ServerDNA Extreme Gaming.
SuperO, ServerDNA Extreme Gaming.
SuperO, ServerDNA Extreme Gaming.
SuperO, ServerDNA Extreme Gaming.
SuperO, ServerDNA Extreme Gaming.
SuperO, ServerDNA Extreme Gaming.


Lucky Draw For Participants
    • 1x  Seagate Firecuda 2Tb HDD Sponsored Lucky Draws
    • 1x Kingston HyperX Memories Sponsored Lucky Draws
    • 1x InWin Dragon Slayer LE Chassis Sponsored Lucky Draw
    • 1x Intel Optane 16GB Sponsored by Uber Lucky Draw
    • Participation in Survey SuperMicro Branded TShirt
    • ServerWare Sponsored Grand Price of Intel Optane 32GB



  12pm-12.45pm    Registration, Lunch & Welcome Note By Mr. Kay Vin Wong -1.30pm  Mr. Jordan Ang
Business Development Manager
 Introduction to ServerWare Sdn Bhd.
Serverware’s ServerDNA Gaming Experience
With SuperMicro’s SuperO and InWin and Eco System Partners
Introduction InWin Chassis
Unvieling of InWin Modded Cases and Presentation by the Craftmasters
  1.30pm to 1.40pm Mr, Wong Kay Vin
Uber Electronics
Introduction Uber Electronics
Announcement of Uber Electronics As Master Reseller for ServerDNA Gaming Experience Products
  1.40pm-1.50pm Mr Michael
TBun Cyber Cafe Chain
Introduction TBun Cyber Cafe Chain
Announcement of TBun CC Chain RM 6M , 9 Cyber Cafe Upgrades to use ServerWare’s ServerDNA Gaming Experience
  1.50pm – 2.00pm   Lucky Draw 1, Seagate FireCuda  HDD,
Lucky Draw 2, InWin Dragon Slayer Chassis
  2.00pm to 2.20pm Mr. POH BOON HAU
Application Engineer,
Intel Malaysia
Intel Optane Technology: A Revolutionary New Class of Storage and Memory
  2.20pm-2.40pm Ms.Mee Mee Hong
Country Manager
Seagate Inc
Power up your Game with Seagate
  2.45pm-2.50pm   Lucky Draw 3 – InWin Dragon Slayer Gaming Case
Lucky Draw 4 – Tbun Gamers Mouse Pad
Break & Network
  2.50pm – 3.10pm   Showcase and Network
  2.55pm-3.15pm Mr Jeff Leong
Senior Channel Sales Manager
Amble Action Sdn Bhd
Experience Extreme Memory
  4.00pm-6.00pm   Auction Bid
TBUN EUPHORIA CHROMA Vibration HeadSet RM 10 (SRP 150)
HyperX ALLOY FPS Mechanical Keyboard RM 30 (SRP 450)
2 x InWin uATX Dragon Slayer Gaming Case Rm 30 (SRP RM300)
Seagate FireCuda 2TB Rm 30 (SRP RM)
1 x Intel Optane 32GB 2unit from RM 30 (SRP RM450)
SuperO C7Z270-PG Mobo from RM 50 (SRP RM 1350)
      Showcase by mod n go, rextech, jawecom
  5.30pm   Lucky Draw 5: Intel Optane 32GB x 2 units.
   6pm    END

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ServerWare. ServerDNA, Extreme Gaming Experience

Specially designed for high-performance personal computing while the flagship C7Z270-PG, which we are going to take a look today, is the most feature-rich model that provides a premium gaming experience. Is the Pro Gaming series the motherboard that you have been looking for…

Attend ServerWare. ServerDNA, Extreme Gaming Experience

2017/05/25 12:00:00

"Where in Extreme Masters The Difference is (Server)DNA"

12pm-5pm 25th May 2017.Ruang Space, No.1, Jalan SS18/6, Subang Jaya , Selangor Darul Ehsan.
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