• Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SuperMicro® and ServerWare® Servers in terms of warranty.

As a Malaysian Server Provider, we are obligated to honor the warranty of our products under ServerWare® branding when we sell it to customers irregardless of the complexity of warranty claims from principal. Hence when you buy a complete server that comes with a 3 years warranty, your assurance is guaranteed by ServerWare®.

SuperMicro is one of our key vendor/partner. However when a server is sold as SuperMicro as parts or as a complete server, all warranties are supported directly by SuperMicro via ServerWare as its local distributor. Hence all warranty support are done via ServerWare accordingly to SuperMicro Warranty Policy.

What is the Leadtime for Delivery?

On clearing of payment or orders with credit line. We normally will deliver/deploy a server order within 5 working days unless communicated. Certain server models will take between 7-21days due to the complexity of integration or shipment that requires back to back transport.

How many landing pages can I create?

You may create as many pages as you like per single project. This means that if you plan to use Launchkit for another project, you will need to purchase an additional standard license.

I want to buy a server from you but not sure if the server works for us.

All our servers are validated and tested for major OSes on Windows Variants, Major Linux OSes and its various release, and all the major UNIX variants. We are confident that our servers are compliant to most OS requirement. But we do understand that applications may have usage issues with new hardware releases.

At ServerWare®, unless it is a proven supported case, we normally do provide on request a POC test for our customer in our test room. Where customers can provide us the technical requirements for the hw environment and we will set it up for customer test in our office or remotely.

What is the Support Plans available from ServerWare®

We have a standard 1 year back to bench warranty by default for all servers.
However mostly unless under specific promotional plan, we practise a 3 years back to bench warranty with an extention to 3 years NBD  response with on Site support.

Other plans includes:
1. 5 Years Warranty Extention Back to Bench
2. 3 Years Onsite Support 24×7,  non Mission Critical
3.. 3 Years OnSite Support 24×7, mission critical to resolve.

What is the call for support process?
  1. Contact us via email/text or call to support@serverware.com.my/ account manager.
  2. Provide us your – Name/Contact #/Company and most importantly the Service Tag # (ST-xxxxx) or if parts the Item # (IN#).
  3. Tell us your support request
  4. Our Support Team will revert 9 x 5.
I have a complaint. Who do I contact?

You can make a direct call to our service manager anytime 24×7 or text @ 016-3091121. We take complaints seriously and will escalate to resolve ASAP. Customer serrvice is most important to us.

Do we have to pay for POC?

Absolutely not. It is a free support we provide to customers because we know this is critical to decision making.

It is inconvenient for us to go to your office. Can u setup POC in our office?

Unfortunately No. Our POC policy only applies to in house test and not out of office.

Still have questions? Call or Text 016-309-1121 for immediate answer to your questions.