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    The ServerWare® Events

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Windows Server 2016 The most Secured Microsoft Hyperconverged Solution

Solution Day with Windows Server 2016

9.00am to 1.30pm
11th April 2017
Level 26th, Tower 3, KLCC
(Kuala Lumpur auditorium)
Learn How To Energize Your Infrastructure
for Performance and Reliability

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Microsoft HyperConverged Solution with Windows Server 2016

Energize your infrastructure for security, performance, and reliability

To align with business needs, IT infrastructure must evolve and support new initiatives and ongoing growth. Discover new capabilities from Windows Server 2016 and the critical workloads running on it, capabilities that is supercharged for efficiency, performance and agility

Transform Your Data Center

Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition empowers advanced datacenter functionalities with software-defined compute storage, and network capabilities that are elastic and cost effective. The technologies in Windows Server 2016, such as Storage Spaces Direct and Shielded Virtual machines, provide new ways to maximize your resources and lower the risk of malicious threats to your business.

Microsoft HyperConverged Solution with Windows Server 2016


    The ServerWare Unified Storage Workshop
    15th March 2017 @ the Four Points, Sheraton Puchong

    Join Us to Learn New Skill In Building Your Own Unified Storage Server. Meet the best of class Professional in Storages and Security in this one time Meet & Learn Event

    About this Workshop: Learn Hands-On Building Your Own Unified Storage Server
    Enterprise-Class Storage Solution for Every Business

    Combine both NAS and iSCSI SAN to a single solution. Built and use  a NAS solution, in the initial day of deploying a unified solution and at some point later, redeploy the unified storage platform in a different usage mode and use it for complicated enterprise block storage needs.

    A Unified Storage reduces hardware and management requirements by enabling both block and file data to be stored in a single system and accessed through standards based protocols such as CIFS and NFS and SCSI or iSCSI. These multiprotocol systems can be attached to servers via IP and/or Fibre Channel.

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The ServerWare® Solution Fest 2016
27th September 2016

Meet the successful people who build their technology business with innovative products in a highly competitive world against the giants and prevailed

2016/09/27 06:43:08

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    The Intel® Cloud Insider Program Seminar

    Renew or generate a new perspective on cloud ISP business trends.

    5th October 2016
    One World Hotel

    Are You Cloud Ready Yet?


29th Sept 2015
Four Points Sheraton

A Hands on Workshop By ServerWare®,
a high-performance SSD-based caching
solution enabling application-specific
performance gains on servers and virtual
machines, with info on how it works and
use cases.

#Cache Me Now

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