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September 8, 2015

Serverware® Is Supermicro® Distributor

Serverware® is Supermicro® distributor, Server, Storages, Network,

Serverware® is Supermicro® distributor

2016 Marks the year 14th year ServerWare® has been the leader Malaysian Technology company in providing Servers and Servers solutions in the country. Officially recognized as the #1 Malaysian Brand Servers we have been taking the leadership position in the numbers of server sell in Malaysia for the last 9 years.

What our customers knows is that our servers are branded as ServerWare® . However ServerWare® does not manufacture any servers at all. What we do is that we choose the best whitebox servers in the world and craft it together to provide the best and largest range of servers there is to offers. Recognizing that no one size fits all requirements, careful selection of the best solutions are choose and put together with our expertise on server integrations.

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September 7, 2015

ServerWare SG2NV cache acceleration Server

Accelerate Applications, Servers, and Virtual Machines

Today’s multicore, multi-CPU servers are being held back by storage I/O that cannot keep up with the ever increasing demand, preventing
systems from reaching their full performance potential. Traditional solutions, such as increasing storage, servers, or memory, add huge
expense, as well as management complexity.

ServerWare SG2NV 2U Cache Accelerated Server
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September 4, 2015

IT Budget Affected By Exchange Rates SG13 Promotions

ServerWare Sg13 Sept Promotion. Beat The Exchange Rates

The Last 3 weeks has caught everyone in the country by surprise with a variance of 30% percent increase from RM 3.60 to USD 1.00 to RM 4.3+ to USD 1.00. IT budget planned ahead by many companies is distrupted. Vendors all alike are forced to increase price due to the exchange rates changes. ServerWare is no exception. We received many enquiries from our customers on the effect of this change to their business.

Hence we are making this effort to help our customer by releasing our Sept 2015 SG13 Promotion by maintaining the same specifications and price accordingly as our July Offers which was tag at pre-increase rates.

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